Are You??

It was yet another random evening and I was checking out some songs on youtube when my nephew Zini walked in.

‘Hey, did you complete your English assignment??’, I asked.
‘No, but I will,’ he replied.

‘What are you writing about??’, I asked again and scrolled down few music videos.

‘I’m writing about Sehran’, he replied casually.

I turned my head towards him, gave him a frown and asked, ‘What about Sehran??’

‘Sehran something something’, he replied and shrugged.

‘Please don’t write anything stupid’, I replied with a bit of annoyance.

‘And why is it bothering you huh??’, he replied in the same manner like I did. ‘It’s just a word and it’s MY English assignment. I can use it the way I want.’

I gave him a grave look and said, ‘It’s not JUST a word okay??’

‘Then JUST what is it??’, he raised his brows at me.

I turned my head back to the monitor and said, ‘Well…’, I paused and the continued without having a second thought, ‘Sehran is a sophisticated, ecstatic human, rationalizing arguments nicely’, and I clicked on a music video.

Zini walked to me and put his hand on the monitor.

‘Hey’, I gave him a puzzled look and he frowned at me in return.

‘Just how many meanings does Sehran have??’, he asked me with the same expression and continued. ‘You told me Sehran means ‘perfect’, so what was that which you said a moment ago??’

Sophisticated Ecstatic Human Rationalizing Arguments Nicely’, I heard another voice which repeated what I had said and looked in that direction, only to see my brother Noah.

S – E – H – R – A – N’, he spelled out the name and continued, ’Sehran!!’, and he gave me a smirk.

I mused for a while and realized it. ‘Oh yeah’, I nodded, ‘It is actually’, I gave them a stupid look.

‘I will repeat my words’, my brother Ishan walked in with a sandwich and said, ‘Monster!!’, and he casually munched into his sandwich and sat on the bed.

‘No derision please’, I said, still thinking about the words I uttered.

‘No diggity in fact’, Noah said, ‘Suits him well’, and he wore his smirk again.

‘He is indeed,’ we heard another voice which belonged to my brother Neil, who was at home for two days.

‘As far as I have heard’, he continued, ‘He is sophisticated, shows ecstasy most of the time, at least in public and who is very good at managing and winning arguments.’ He smiled.

‘Well in that case, I am Sehran as well’, Noah put his hands on the back of his head and said casually.

‘No you’re not’, Zini jumped in the conversation before I could say anything. I gave him a questioning look.

‘Nobody’s Sehran’, he said confidently and Noah raised a brow at him.

He turned his face towards him and said, ‘Sehran is equal to perfect, perfect is equal to Sehran. Since nobody’s perfect, therefore nobody’s Sehran.’

‘Hence proved’, Neil gave a chuckle and ruffled his hairs, ‘You’re growing up little guy.’

‘Well there is somebody though, who is Sehran’, Ishan finished his sandwich and smiled shaking his head slightly.

‘Who is it??’, Zini gave him a curious look but we managed to shrug him off somehow.

‘Alright, I need to go’, Zini said in a bored tone and continued, ‘But when I grow up, I’ll surely be Sehran one day’, he gave us a cute smile and walked out.

‘You’re mutating my son’, my brother Ishan pointed a finger at me and gave me a ghastly look.

I replied with a pokerface, ‘Grow up bro, you’re married and even have a son.’

‘Hey what do you mean by that??’, he glowered at me.

‘Your son just wants to be Sehran. He just wants to be perfect. What’s wrong with that??’, I replied with the same expression and looked away.

He didn’t reply and sat with a gawky expression.

‘Nothing wrong’, Noah said getting up. ‘Everybody wants to be Sehran.’ He walked towards me and leaned to my ears and whispered, ‘Even you. You want to ‘’BE’’ Sehran ‘’FOR’’ Sehran!!’ I gasped and squinted my eyes at him and he gave me a smug look and walked back.

‘And whatever you say’, he continued, ‘I know I am Sehran. BUT….’, he paused and gave us a theatrical look.

‘But ARE YOU??’, and he walked out whistling.

That stupid Noah… Ughhhhhh >_<